Reading sample: The Mystery of...

Reading sample: The Mystery of...


Reading sample: The Mystery of the Cursed Fleece

By: Ingmar Marquardt, Bele Gröting, Elisabeth V. Strassert
PDF: 7 pages



The Mystery of the Cursed Fleece

An exciting hunt for clues to discover the 5 Biological Laws of Nature

By: Ingmar Marquardt, Bele Gröting, Elisabeth V. Strassert

There are many adult introductions to the 5 Biological Laws of Nature (GNM, GHK, …), but almost none that are interesting and understandable for children and young adults. This changes with this exciting adventure story for children 6 years and older:
The objective is to awaken children’s enthusiasm while they (pre-)read along with two Native American children as they discover the basics of this completely new way of looking at changes in the body in an adventurously exciting way.

Blurb of the book:

With this book you are holding Silent Tree´s notations in your hands. He intended that the adventures of Adjun, Yumi, Hama and the other tribe members not only be told around the campfire but to be carried out into the big, wide world.

For those of you who are reading these records with an open heart they hold a great, precious treasure.

We are sharing secrets with you that, at first, may seem like riddles and will guide those of you, who are willing to capture the truth with a pure heart, on the adventurous path to a deep comprehension of your own bodies.

We cannot swear by that the tale which is told in this book has happened like this in every detail. But Silent Tree has entrusted us with his memories – and in his memory, so he said, everything really and truly felt that way.

Come with us now, on the path of Adjun and Yumi! Let´s discover together how their sheep Half Moon´s mysterious fleece growth guides them down a winding path to discovering how our bodies work. Come with us and discover that nature rarely makes mistakes, but that everything buries a deeper meaning.

While reading these notations, always go with your gut and trust your intuition. Now, discover what has always been there. Aho!”


Ingmar, Bele, Elisabeth und Petra


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