“Brief introduction to Universal Biology”...

“Brief introduction to Universal Biology”...


Author: Giuliana Lüssi

Published by: Praxis Neue Medizin Verlag – 2021


Pages: 26 (size A4)

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"Brief introduction to Universal Biology" by Giuliana Lüssi

This brief introduction to Universal Biology by Giuliana Lüssi is suited to readers who want to acquire basic knowledge about the origin, development and course of so-called “diseases”. Thirty years ago, Dr. Hamer discovered the mechanisms behind disease. He spent years researching and left his precious discovery behind for us. Unfortunately, his discoveries are largely unknown to date.

Giuliana Lüssi has shed a new light on this essential teaching with the term “Universal Biology”. Free from the stigma linked to this science from the very beginning, those interested can now concentrate on the essentials. The health benefits that this knowledge offers can be enjoyed without the burden of the past.

The brief introduction is equipped with very clear graphics and this framework is so simple that even young people are able to benefit from it. The terms used by Dr. Hamer have been replaced here by more simple vocabulary. This makes this brief introduction easier to understand.

With this in mind, happy reading!

Best wishes and all the best to you!





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