The Universal Biology A way...

The Universal Biology A way...


Author: Giuliana Lüssi

Published by: Praxis Neue Medizin Verlag – 2023

PDF File

Pages: 170

ISBN: 978-3-942689-32-8

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The Universal Biology
A way of life

Giuliana Lüssi’s new book is not just a book that you read once and then put in the cupboard, never to be seen again. No, there is much more to this book: it is a guide for life. With this knowledge you will perceive diseases merely as Biologically Necessary Processes and thus lose your fear of them. If you understand the contents of this book, your fears of cancer, diabetes, corona, multiple sclerosis, leukemia and other illnesses will disappear for life because you will be able to understand their causes. By understanding the real reasons behind illness, you will also be able to find remedies for your own symptoms. After experiencing this liberation, you will feel a sense of responsibility leading to an increased appreciation of life. Through this deep feeling of appreciation, you will have a new, refreshed outlook of the world: you will be balanced and feel connected to all living beings. Giuliana has created a masterpiece with her book "Universal Biology, a way of life" that should be a part of every household’s collection.

Thank you, dear Giuliana!
Ursula Stoll


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